If you are unable to make direct contact with the assessor, please leave a detailed voicemail or send a detailed email and the assessor or the Assessing Department Certified Staff will respond to you as soon as possible; response time will be 7 business days or less. Please note that as an assessor, many days are out in the field and not in an office in front of a computer to locate detailed information. 

To arrange a zoom or in person meeting with the assessor, please contact the assessor by email or phone to make an appointment. 

Requests for inspection of property should be requested directly through the assessor or Certified Staff by email or phone. 

The Most accurate record cards are held by the current assessor and can be requested by contacting the assessor or Certified Staff by email or phone, you may also click on the "ASSESSING RECORDS" for the link to BS&A. All property assessment rolls, and property appraisal cards are available for inspection during business hours. Depending on the information and time of year, information may either be located at the Township Hall or held by the assessor. When requesting information, the quickest response please send an email to above email address. Received requests are addressed within 7 business days. If futher detailed information is requested, a FOIA may be requested by the City/Township. 

In the event that a taxpayer/property owner has concerns or a dispute about their assessment, please do not hesitate to contact the assessor's office. As March is the formal process to hear any valuation disputes; the assessor is available to inform, assist, and/or research any issues throughtout the entire year. If an unresolved dispute persists, the assessor to the best of their knowledge will inform the taxpayer/property owner of the other formal avenues (Board of Review, Michigan Tax Tribunal, State Tax Commission) to have the dispute heard. 

Assessor Accessibility to Taxpayer & Public Inspection of Record Cards


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