The Michigan State Tax Commission recommends a periodic inspections of all real property within a local unit. This part of the assessing process is essential in efforts to keep all property records as up to date as possible.

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An Assessor is a state certified individual whom is hired by your local government unit to valuate all properties within the unit. The Assessor has multiple responsibilities, including but not limited to :

  • Valuation of Real and Personal Property in accordance with the General Property Tax Act.
  • Monitors all sales
  • Analyzes the local real estate market relative to the economic conditions
  • Maintaining a record card indicating ownership, sales, and property characteristics for every parcel within the unit.

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The Assessor is required to gather data on property within the local unit to maintain complete and accurate assessment records.

It is often misconceived that the Assessor office alone determines your tax bill. Several different elements make up that formula and the Assessor is only responsible for one of these elements.

On March 15, 1994, voters passed Proposal A, which places additional limits on taxable values, these values are used to compute property taxes. Starting in 1995, property taxes are calculated using "Taxable Value". Taxable Value is calculated by using the previous years taxable value minus losses, times the inflation rate multiplier (IRM), plus additions (i.e. new construction and/or omitted property improvements). Another possible way your taxable value may increase over and above the IRM is if you purchased your property in the prior year and the taxable value is less than the current years assessment.


We work in a variety of different townships and are hired by your city or township.

The Assessor may review properties within the local unit at any time. A courtesy postcard is normally sent to the property owners that have been selected prior to the inspections occurring. Property owners are not required to be in attendance for these inspections and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

CSZ Services is a family owned business. We specialize in Assessing & Reappraisals for local government units. We work closely with each unit as well as other certified assessors.